Navigating through the process of publishing a book can feel a lot like being tossed about in a small boat during a hurricane. Between the shore of finishing your manuscript and the welcome arrival at the land of the Successful, Published Author, many of us have felt like we’re drowning and unable to even stay afloat.

Stormfront Publishing is a no-fee publishing company that is dedicated to helping the Independent Author make it through those rough seas.

We accept submissions directly from Independent Authors who believe they have created the next Worldwide Bestseller, but either cannot afford all of the extras necessary or prefer to let someone else handle the details. We carefully review those submissions to glean the ones that truly show potential, and books that are accepted will be published under our Imprint at absolutely no upfront cost to the Author; instead, we pay the Author a Royalty of 60% of our net receipts from any and all sales of the book. We do not charge a reserve, so every sale means money in the Author’s pocket. We handle everything, from editing to cover design to final publishing, and provide comprehensive management and marketing for those books during the term of the agreement. This way, our Authors can concentrate on what they do best: writing the next bestseller.

For those who do not make the cut, we also offer services to help the Independent Author achieve success. Visit our Services page for more information.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and looking at your work.