About Stormfront Publishing

About Stormfront Publishing

About Us

After spending the past several years trying to navigate the rough seas of the self-publishing world on our own, and working the past few years as professional ghost writer and editor, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make a book sell and be successful. With that experience, we now hope to help others achieve the same goals.

Stormfront Publishing is a true no-fee small-press publisher. If we accept your book for publication, we will never ask you to pay any fees for editing, cover art, marketing or any other service. Those will be our responsibility, and we take our responsibilities seriously.

On the other hand, we can only accept books that we believe have the greatest potential for success, because we will only make money if the author makes money. For that reason, we also want to help those authors who choose to go the self-publishing route. that’s why we offer professional-level authors’ services, but we strive to make them affordable and attainable. 

We are also the owners and operators of Bookady.com, the only online bookseller where authors are paid instantly when a book is sold. Most of the places where you can sell your books pay you once every month or two, and sometimes less often that. We created Bookady.com as an alternative that we believe in.

We know all too well that the cost of turning your manuscript into a finished, published book can be quite expensive. We’ve had to pay for those services in the past, ourselves, so we understand that it can seem terribly daunting to lay out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

That’s why, over the past few years, we’ve studied what it takes to do these things ourselves, and we’ve taken courses on how to improve our skills. We’ve also met others who have these abilities and will work with us to bring these services to you at a cost and under terms you can better afford.

We hope you’ll consider letting us look at your work, and choosing us for the services you need.

Thank you,

Kay and Wayne