Alternative Payment Options

Alternative Payment Options

At Stormfront Publishing, we understand that Independent Authors can’t always afford to pay for the services they need, or at least not all at once. For this reason, we offer some alternative options.

Work For Credit

One of those options, especially for those of you who have some free time, is to work with us for credit as a Beta reader, Proofreader, genre-specific Reviewer or Ghostwriter.

  • Beta readers read through a submitted manuscript and report back to us on what they think of the book. We credit Beta readers $20 for each manuscript they review for us.
  • Proofreaders scan through manuscripts for errors in punctuation, grammar, tense, person and plurality, then return the manuscript to us with those errors marked. If you are confident that you can spot such errors without missing very many of them, this could be for you. We credit Proofreaders $4 per thousand words of the manuscript.
  • Reviewers read the books we publish and post honest reviews on the various websites where the books is available for purchase. Reviewers are only allowed to review books in their own favorite genres, the kind of books they normally read and purchase, so that any other reviews you do will not seem to conflict with these. We credit Reviewers $20 per book reviewed.
  • Ghostwriters are people who have demonstrated writing skills. Depending on the quality of your work and how much finishing work it requires, we will credit you from $.10 to $.20 per word.

We are always in need of people for the services listed above, and you can then use your credits to purchase the services we offer that you need. If you feel that any of these would be a good fit for you, please use the form below to apply. We also hire these services at the same rates, so if you’d like to earn some extra money after paying off your services, that might be a distinct possibility.

Payment Plans

If you don’t feel that any of the above is right for you, we do offer payment plans on a case by case basis.

Financing these fees, however, is not without risk. For that reason, we add a 30% premium to the amount that needs to be financed. That premium only applies to the portion that is split into monthly payments, and not to the total balance. If your total is $250.00 and you pay $125.00 up front, your remaining balance will be $162.50, not $125.00.

  1. If your Total Balance is more than $250.00 but less than $499.00, we will accept 50% in advance and the balance in two equal monthly payments.
  2. If your Total Balance is more than $500.00 but less than $999.00, we will accept 40% in advance and the balance in five equal monthly payments.
  3. If your Total Balance is more than $1000.00 but less than $2499.00, we will accept 30% in advance and the balance in ten equal monthly payments.
  4. If your Total Balance is greater than $2500.00, please contact us to discuss a payment plan you can afford.

If you would like to discuss a Payment Plan, please contact us with a telephone number and a good time to call, and we will reach out to you within two business days. You can use the form below to do so, but there is no guarantee that your request for a payment plan will be approved.