Authors and Books

Authors and Books

Phil Berto

Phil Berto is what you might call a Societal Philosopher. Like many of us, he looks at the world and the things happening in it and thinks, “Wait, what?”

And then he goes to his ancient Selectric typewriter and puts his thoughts on paper. He’s been doing this for years, and plans to continue for a long time to come, but the few people who have seen his works have finally convinced him that there are many others who think the same way and would want to read them.

The result is Snippets: Comments from the Red, a collection of his (admittedly and unashamedly conservative) thoughts on everything from politics to religion to relationships to history to cats and dogs and…

When he isn’t writing, Phil enjoys motorcycle racing, hunting and fishing. Other than that, he’s a very private person.

You can visit his website at

Snippets: Comments from the Red is available at all major booksellers and on











Jack Conway

Jack Conway was born in Germany in 1951, moved to Canada in 1953 and became an American in 1987, living in various places while he pursued a career in the security field. After retiring from that line, he worked several years as a bellman in one of the most haunted hotels in the world, and recently retired again. Now he has time to write, and plans to do a lot of it.

His first novel, Web of Death, is currently available on all major booksellers and on, and will soon be followed by two more. Basin Park Hotel: Interviews with the Ghosts and KAREN.














Stormy Summers

Stormy Summers was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and adopted at the tender age of 3 months by a wonderful Christian couple in Live Oak, Florida. She grew up on a farm, participating in 4-H and learning that earning your own money to pay your way is one of life’s most valuable lessons. She was brought up in church, where she was taught respect and moral values that are still important to her to this day. She spent the biggest part of her life there raising her five children up until she met and married the love of her life and moved to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

Recently, however, she and her husband have returned to Florida to be closer to their six grand-children, and some of those grandbabies tend to pop up in these stories now and then.

Stormy is surprising everyone with the incredible stories and depth of characters that she’s producing, as well as her insights into the minds of people of all ages. She hopes you enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them! Visit her website at

All five of her current novels are available on all major booksellers and on today.

Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers is a southern gentleman with a love of God, Country and Family. His writing often reflects Christian Themes. His books are all available on all major booksellers and on