Stormfront Publishing is interested in publishing high-quality books in many genres, and we welcome submissions. Check out a quick review of our Publishing Agreement, below.

Our Publishing Agreement: If your book is accepted under our Full Publishing Agreement, Stormfront Publishing will be responsible for all editing, cover design, formatting, distribution and promotion of your book. You, the Author, pay no fees of any kind. We will place the book with all major online retailers (in both e-book and print-on-demand formats) and manage the accounts, secure Advance Reader Reviews, promote and publicize your book, and provide any website or social media management required. We will keep you advised of all sales and will remit to you 60% of all royalties we receive, always within five business days of when we receive payment.

Under this agreement, Stormfront Publishing will be the Publisher of Record of your book. This will be an exclusive agreement for two years, and may be renewed at your option for an additional term. During the term of this agreement, we will expect you to keep us advised of any travel plans, and to cooperate with reasonable requests, such as radio interviews, podcast interviews, social media events and, when they can be arranged within a reasonable distance of your location, personal appearances and book signings.

Please understand that we do not accept every book submitted. If we decline to publish your book, we will endeavor to explain clearly why, so that you can make any changes or improvements necessary and submit it again.

Before submitting your work, please take the time to download and read our Publishing Agreement. This is the actual agreement we use, so you can see exactly what we do, and what we will expect of you. You can CLICK HERE to download a copy.